If you NOT know about HTML – you’re safe here.  If you can DRAG and DROP and UPLOAD – you’re safe here.  No need for that web master or designer you hire for big bucks.   No more middle person to not answer your emails or phone calls. DO IT YOURSELF from start to finish.  As long as you have GOOD COMPUTER SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE before attempting.

I recommend WIX.

Free tools are included and you can UPGRADE if you need MORE tools, features, and DOMAIN NAME. All add ons can be found by going here.

They have EXTENSIVE layouts to customize and even start from SCRATCH if you dare.

Check it out.  Go Daddy is restrictive in their layouts.   WORDPRESS is not for the beginner.  Here you can start and finish by yourself.   DOMAIN name registration you can get here also.  ONE STOP SHOP and SUPPORT.

Before jumping into the POOL as to say, go FREE – when you’re company makes $ and able to cover the expenses – then UPGRADE and get the DOMAIN.