Why Managers are not taught Management Skills ?

I have had Great Managers (one or two) and I’ve had very POOR Managers.  As a student both undergrad and graduate level – I was taught MANAGEMENT.

Are companies not teaching their MANAGERS how to EFFECTIVELY MANAGE?  How are you selecting your managers?   

Recently spoke with an ole dear friend whos been in business for 30 yrs.  He told me this – there are managers who are selected for whatever reason – they are the BLIND leading those with blinders on.  They are the worst type.  Do it my way or the highway.  They are thrown into the position and not taught (at any time) how to manage – people, project, program, whatever it maybe. 

This floored me.  But when I recently went to a job fair – I overheard it while waiting inline to speak to a recruiter.  Wow – I thought its an epidemic!

Page 2 particularly startled me – 

I have some feedback for you … 

Good managers give their employees feedback (THIS IS SOOO TRUE) when it’s warranted, and they try to emphasize and reinforce the good things.

Bad managers don’t give praise, but they ladle on the criticism, (yep I’ve seen this!) and the really bad ones add an extra twist of meanness: They say, “Everyone here feels the same way.” Pretty soon, you start to feel that you can’t trust anyone in your shop and that everyone hates you—until a co-worker mentions that your lousy manager said the same thing to her. Poor managers need to throw in a few dozen extra “votes” with their barbs, just to keep employees off guard.

A true leader would talk about conflict or performance issues regularly in staff meetings, resolving whatever is at issue without passing along anonymous jabs.

If you are a CEO, MGR, HR, OWNER – please can you enlighten me on this what seems to be a failure to properly instruct managers or potential managers who to do it ?  I was not aware this seemed to be so widespread.