I’m SOOO tired of people being rude it is not funny.  Constantly on their cellphones in places they should be talking – MOST can’t do 2 things at once to begin with.  WHY so many fail to put their cellphones on RINGER which is COMMON SENSE!  Oh yeah thats right – common sense no longer EXISTS!

When you are in a meeting, when you’re with someone, when you are AT YOUR WORK DESK – you should not be on your phone.  FOCUS on your job!  They can leave a message and you can always call them back at a later time when you are OFF WORK.

WHY do people think they can air DIRTY LAUNDRY on FB or Twiiter?  No one really cares and its not appropriate.  Same goes for inappropriate images and LANGUAGE!

If you have a beef with someone – do it FACE 2 FACE!